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Most of the youngsters nowadays are well-educated, particularly in major cities where their parents and friends are too well educated, and help them to find relevant and good jobs in great companies.

But the first-generation graduates whose parents did not go to school face big challenges. They are facing hard challenges in finding a job within an organization that has a vacancy suitable for their skills, abilities, and experience. This difference in opportunities makes it unfair for them in the job market.

Different companies from various sectors are frequently hiring, and job vacancies are available all the time. Vallalar Velai Vaaipu Sevai Iyakkam will help you find the relevant and the perfect job you have been searching for and here is how.
How it works
Personalized Job Matching: We know that every job seeker is special, with different skills and dreams. When you join our service, you’ll make a detailed profile that showcases your qualifications, experience, and the type of job you prefer
Real-Time Job Alerts: Most first-generation graduates spend much time on social media platforms like WhatsApp and YouTube. WhatsApp groups play an important role in this context, with up to 1400 groups dedicated to job seekers, providing them with regular updates on job fairs, offers, and opportunities. Additionally, there are over 100 groups for Human Resource (HR) professionals to post job vacancies within their organizations.
Stay Updated and Informed: People looking for jobs have separate WhatsApp groups for each district of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry UT. In these groups, they regularly find job vacancies specific to each district, Chennai, and also in other districts nearby. On YouTube, the job seekers can also find corporate job vacancies for the same positions. So, when you join/sign up with us, both WhatsApp and YouTube will be easy and valuable resources for you to find relevant job openings in your preferred companies and relevant sectors.
Secure and Confidential: In the WhatsApp groups for job seekers, you will only find jobs directly offered by companies. Jobs recommended or shared by consultancies won’t be posted there. These groups focus solely on sharing opportunities provided directly by the hiring companies, ensuring that job seekers have access to genuine job openings.


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