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Job Fair

Welcome to India’s First Technology Integrated Job Fair – where innovation meets opportunity!

At VVVSI, we are dedicated to simplifying the job-hunting process for both job seekers and interviewers alike. Our platform is designed to facilitate direct interviews, cutting out the middleman, and eliminating the need for any third-party job consultancy. We believe in empowering job seekers and companies by connecting them directly, enabling a seamless and efficient hiring process.

At the job fair, candidates will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of companies, including Multi-National Companies (MNCs), Manufacturing industries, Construction firms, Media and Entertainment enterprises, Telecom and Communication companies, and many others. This offers job seekers the freedom to select and participate in interviews with companies that align perfectly with their unique skills, interests, and passions. With such a broad array of options available, job seekers can explore various industries and find the perfect match to kickstart or advance their careers.

We value your time and dedication, which is why we ensure a swift and efficient hiring process. For those who have participated in the job fair, will receive the results within the same day!
During the job fair, every step of your journey is monitored and managed through our advanced online technology. Say goodbye to long waiting times – after completing your interview, all you need to do is log in to your account. There you will find your appointment order or offer letter waiting for you!


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