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A Trust for Employment / Career Guidance, Education, Health & Social Welfare
An NGO for Career Guidance / Employment, Education, Health & Social Welfare

Career Guidance

At VVVSI, we believe that every individual deserves a chance to forge a successful career path and achieve their dreams. As a committed social service, we proudly offer our Career Guidance Service to unemployed individuals, startups, and corporate companies alike, without any business motive. As a bridge between companies and job seekers, we play a crucial role in addressing attrition challenges. Our unique position enables us to guide job seekers, empowering them to understand industry expectations and make informed career decisions. We also collaborate closely with industries, gaining insights into their needs and expectations from employees.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is simple but effective – to enlighten job seekers about the expectations of the industries they are about to join and help them succeed in their careers. We understand the importance of being well-informed about the specific demands and trends of different industries, and how this knowledge can significantly impact one’s career. By providing important insights and resources, we empower job seekers to make informed decisions, build stability in their jobs, and establish valuable professional connections.
How We Make a Difference: Our experienced team of career counselors takes the time to understand your unique aspirations, interests, and skills. We guide our candidates in their educational pursuits and career choices, ensuring alignment with their expectations when searching for a job. We understand that choosing the right education and career path is an important decision that can shape a person’s future. Through our dedicated guidance, the candidates can embark on purposeful journeys towards fulfilling careers that match their true potential and passion.
Continued Mentorship: Our support doesn’t end with initial guidance. We believe in continuous mentorship and follow-up to monitor your progress, address challenges, and celebrate your successes.
Join Our Journey of Empowerment: At VVVSI we are driven solely by the desire to empower lives and create lasting impact in the community. Our Career Guidance Service is our way of giving back to society and assisting individuals in realizing their true potential. Together, let’s illuminate the path to a fulfilling and prosperous future. Embark on this transformative journey with us, and together, we’ll pave the way to brighter tomorrows.


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